The Best Home Improvement Projects for First-Time Home Buyers

Home improvement projects are becoming so popular among homeowners because any small change you make for your house can give a unique sense of gratification. That freedom of being able to renovate any corner of the house to suit your requirements is something that first time home buyers often feel excited about. But things that you see in the home improvement videos online might actually be a bit more tedious do actually execute by yourself. So if you are a first time home buyer here are a few home improvement projects that are easy to execute.

Give a wall a makeover

Start with just one wall. If you are not too confident in painting a wall by yourself you can choose a wall that is in a less visible spot, a small one to start with. You can paint the wall or use stencils or create textures or even install a wallpaper. Any small change you make can easily create an accent wall.

Change the plumbing fixtures

Simply changing the bathroom fixtures or even something simpler like changing the handles or the knobs in the drawers or the closet doors can all give your home an instant upgrade.

Experiment with wood stains

Either on the wooden stairs or hardwood floors or wooden railing or even for the cabin doors simply changing the wood stain can give a drastic makeover to the house.

Deep clean and upgrade the window treatments

Before you work on the window treatments get the glass cleaned. Use the right tools to clean the hard to reach corners and gaps in the window pane. If you live in a relatively colder region you would also have to think about investing in a double glazing or other appropriate window treatment. You can find several options to install double glazing Edinburgh.…

3Easy Ways To Build A DIY Kitchen Island

How to build a DIY kitchen island is answered here.

The kitchen island can be built using a simple frame.

The material frame

Cut the size of the cabinet. Choose the type of material and the look of material that you will prefer for the kitchen island. You may have to trim down the size of the cabinets and thus make sure that you adjust it for the height. However, before you do any cut make sure to inspect the cabinet well and look for nails, staples or screws and get them removed before you begin the cutting.

Adding the beadboard

The beadboard panels are important because these add a texture to the side of the cabinet that is unfinished. It should fill up any extra space and it is also important that the beadboard line up on both the sides evenly. You will have to use nails after this to fix the shim to the cabinet. The beadboard will then be ripped to make it the size of the table saw. The beadboard should be nailed to the cabinet so that it will line up perfectly with the front edges of the wall cabinets.

Oak wrap and toe kick

This is important so that the cabinets are fastened together well. You could use wood glue because it helps to make a strong bond that is lasting. Glue the nail blocks and the nails into place and then use a cut oak wrap that goes over the toe kick. After this, all that you need to do is to add the feet and the mounting and then drill the hardware. The last step is to place the countertop.

Just use these three steps to set your kitchen island yourself. Make sure that you cut the pieces well so that it offers a great fit. Also, take care to smoothen out any sharp edges so that the finish is fine.

Top DIY Mistakes: When NOT to Do It Yourself

Do it yourself is a good strategy to follow but to a certain extent. You should be aware of this DIY strategy in which where you can do it using specialized tools and equipment and where you need to avoid it by doing it yourself. If you want to know about any specialized tools you can check with Backyardtoolshed which will serve you to know better.

In some cases, learning small repairs works and you try to resolve it may help you to save your money because the technician may charge you the triple amount than the actual cost of repair work. But in some cases, without full knowledge in these repair and damage works and if you try to resolve them, it may end up with serious damages and make you spend a little bit costlier than the actual one. So it is better to decide upon the things which you can better and the things you need to do it with others.

Reasons behind the DIY mistakes:

  • Save money: Some people want to save their money and they don’t want to spend much on the repair works. Instead, they try to do it and find to fix the problem. If it is for smaller works like leakages in the water pipes, changing the lighting in your room can be done. But greater work needs much attention and care.
  • Reduce the cost: Some people want to reduce their expenses by doing things which may help to cut down the costs.
  • Over-confidence: Few may think that they are capable of doing things by themselves. But this over-confidence may cause serious damages to your assets and make you spend more than the previous. Lack of prior knowledge on doing things may lead to considerable damage and cost.

When to avoid DIY strategy:

  • Roofing: It is always better to hire people for doing roofing work as well as any damages on the rooftop. It helps you to save money and also from any serious damages.
  • Plumbing & Electrical work: If you want to do any electrical and plumbing work and you don’t have knowledge about this, you can for technicians who can do these works for you. They can do it better than you since they possess more experiences in their respective fields.
  • Construction & Home Renovation: For the construction work and renovation work like a modernization of kitchen, painting and so on, you need professionals to do it. They help you to get the permit for new or renewal licenses, insurance policies, and any other permits.

The Best Tips To Feel More Secure When Living Alone

It’s best to have an apartment only to yourself. No roommates to tell you what to do, you can go and come as you please. However, if you don’t feel secured alone, then this fun experience would turn quickly into a nightmare.  You should better take precautions while you live alone. Below mentioned are few tips one should follow to feel secure when living alone.

Be friends with the neighbors- You need to make an effort and be friendly to the neighbors. They are the best asset during the times of troubles and as they are the people who can be easily reached and help you out in distress.

When you are alone at home, don’t let any workers in- If you have plans to get internet installed or if you are expecting the plumber, it is ideal if you have a friend over at that time to give you company. As it would not let the stranger know that you are living alone.

Install alarm system- You could install an alarm system that goes off if someone tries to break in. You could check out various options and choose the one suit that your apartment and need. You can get ideas from alarm systems glasgow.

Never ever forget to lock the door- Every single time you step out, you should ensure that you have locked the door. Even when you are just going to dump the garbage, you need to lock it as it takes only a few seconds for a person to sneak in.

Check the peephole every time- You should never open the door for anyone and everyone. If someone knocks at the door, make sure to check who it is through the peephole first. Also don’t feel bad for not opening the door to the visitor and asking him to go away.

Top Reasons Why Every Home Needs Ceiling Fans

Human life on earth is impossible without an Air Conditioner. With our actions and due necessity, the human race has searched and paved their own means and ways to escape from the World Wide spread of high temperatures, which is crippling the Globe. Although we as humans can’t control the natural effects of our actions and the earth reaction to it, what we can do is try to control and reduce the damage that is being caused to mother Earth in an effort to lead a comfortable life.

Our lifestyle has been designed and fashioned with our income. The higher the income, the huge damage we do to mother nature earth as well as prepare oneself for the worse, in case it is in near future. What measures can one take to eradicate this kind of adversity, here are a few suggestions:

  1. We can try to reduce the usage of Ac’s in our home and get it installed only in rooms where we sleep like many luxury homes have centralized Ac installed at homes, which is harmful to health too.
  2. We can at least try to time the usage of AC and use only during our sleep time. One can use Ac for two hours and let the cool breeze be circulated with the help of a fan for the next two hours, which would help in the reduction of electricity usage.
  3. Don’t install Ac in Kitchen, instead use fans in living room and kitchen for fresh air to be circulated. We have a wide variety of ceiling fans in Singapore to choose from, which would make our home as fancy full as any Villa could be.
  4. Exposure to only Ac also leads to various contagious diseases to remain at home. So, it is always advisable to install fan instead of just Ac at home, to have that happy, healthy and wealthy family.

5 Ways to Add Character to a Concrete Porch

The moment you talk about a porch you might often picture a rustic charming wood porch. But in most modern homes it is a plain and boring looking concrete porch that you get. If your contractor has given you a simple concrete porch, do not be disheartened. There are plenty of ways to add character even to the simplest porch. To begin with, you would need a strong porch which can be delivered by a trusted contractor like

Once you have a good porch to work on, here are a few things to do –

  1. Add wood decking

Wood decking tiles are available for outdoor use. These are the best alternatives to a wooden porch. They bring that rustic elegance to the porch without leaving the slightest trace of a plain concrete porch underneath.

  1. Brick finish

The faux brick finish can be delivered to any concrete porch. This is something you can do with paint and stencils or even a simple sponge.

  1. Paint the porch

Painting the porch is definitely one of the simplest ways to add a pop of color to the porch. You can create interesting textures or even match or accentuate the colors of the exterior paints with the paints you choose for the porch. Even a faux tile finish can be imparted with paints.

  1. Staining

Staining using acids is one of the most innovative ways to add a unique character to the porch. With this, you can create plenty of wonderful colors and patterns.

  1. Fancy tiles

Laying tiles on a concrete surface is pretty simple. This can be done with the help of professionals or by yourself. There are many outdoor tile designs available. There are even anti-slip tiles which are very useful for the rainy and snowy days. Choose tiles that are easy to wash and maintain.…

Top 5 Ways To Make Your Home A Spiritual Haven

Home is where the heart lives are always the very favorite quotes to most of us. I love my home because it is the place where we are totally in peace and can be ourselves to the maximum. The atmosphere of our home adds a lot to our emotions and feelings which play a lead role in our happy life. This means the way we maintain our home can be the best way to make it a spiritual haven. Read the articles on our blog Exit-5 to find out how you can modify your home according to your taste.

The best ways to keep the home as heaven are :

  1. Set up a prayer room: whatever may be your belief in spirituality, set up one place in your house for adorning the deity or whatever form of spiritual worship you do. This will create an idea of spiritual obedience and foster positive vibrations in your home.
  2. Put lots of plants: invest in some good pots and plants around your these can be literally companions who will keep your mind fresh always. Water them regularly and maintain them well.
  3. Look out for decorative items: keep wall paintings and also items that add on to the beauty of your home. These play a vital role to create positive vibrations. You can look at feng shui from Chinese tradition or vasthu from Hindu culture for bringing in pieces of art and also small pieces that can contribute to happiness.
  4. Light a lamp or candle: dating back to the Hindu culture lighting a lamp will foster peace, prosperity and also a spiritual presence in your home. This tradition is very old and has the best effects in positivity creation.
  5. Burn incense sticks: this also a good way to bring good feeling in the home because a pleasant smell can instill goodness and prosperity always.

Awesome Ways to Spend Your Days Off At Home

Vacation is a great thing to experience. It is not easy for everyone to get this sort of vacation quite frequently in these days of hectic work schedule. It is important that we spend some vacation time to relax our mind. Lets us discuss some of the awesome methods.

  • Plan a vacation to a different place that you have not experienced so far. This will give you a new feeling. We can engage ourselves and just unwind. This will save a lot of time and also let us benefit our vacation. Explore different types of places and try doing different activities.
  • Try a different recipe at home and experience the joy of cooking and share it with a lot of people. They will give an energized feeling.
  • Try joining a class to learn more about what you love. For example, a kickboxing class or session. This will keep you happy.
  • Get a good book and read. Get involved in such a way you like. It is always a good option to try potteraudio as it offers a variety of solutions.
  • Try a different drink and enjoy a relaxing period with a company you like. This is a great way to celebrate a small and happy vacation.
  • Write a good blog and share your experience with the world so that you get to get good feedback and suggestions to live better.

We can spend our time off home in such fruitful manners to enjoy our vacation and do it meaningfully too. This is a great way to celebrate life and make it worth living. But, always do what you like. This will keep your life interesting and worth moving forward. We have to balance our life, that is very important.…

Why Adult Children Living With Parents Is Nothing ToBe Ashamed Of

You are in your late twenties or early thirties and you are still staying with your parents! That is sure to raise many eyebrows.

Adults staying with their parents are looked upon as shameful and this makes a man ashamed of the fact that they are still with their parents.

At understand why it is not something to be ashamed of if you still stay with your parents in your mid age.

You are with each other during trouble

When you reach your mid age your parents are getting old. Thus you now support your parents. Staying together with them means that they can depend on you for many things. Be it getting the grocery or to take them to a hospital in the case of an emergency, Your parents start to feel more relaxed mentally when they stay with you and it is something that you should not be ashamed of. In fact, you are helping your parents by staying with them.


Today many people are in an old age home and die there. However, when you stay with your parents they will have company and someone to talk to. This is something that most old age parents look for. Staying together will make them joyful because their house is full and bustling with activity all through the day.

Financially better

Instead of buying or renting two houses, if you stay with your parents this will also let you save on some money. This is a smart way to save money for your future. You and your parents could split thereof the house and this will let you save for other needs instead of spending on renting a house.

Look at it closely and you will realize that adult children staying with their parents is actually a smart decision and nothing to be ashamed of.…

The Best Strategies to Survive Working From Home With Children

In spite of the fact that youngsters are certainly the significance of a guardians life, however, they can be a bunch whenever you take a seat to finish a critical undertaking. It’s near as though they have an inside button that clicks on whenever you start to do any work.

Here’s an exhaustive rundown of strategies in case you are having a troublesome time working while at home with youngsters:

  1. Be practical

In case your kids always request consideration amid non-working timings, you can’t anticipate that they will sit quietly with a heap of pastels, shading books, or a mobile device for a considerable length of time at any given moment while you are busy working.

  1. Have a discussion

Expecting they are mature enough to stay distracted, clarify the circumstance and that you have to stay centered for the duration of the day with negligible intrusions. Impart to them that they are a piece of the group.

  1. Crisis drills

There’s nothing all the more humiliating for a work from home parent or business visionary than a sudden upheaval from their youngsters amid a video phone call.

To limit this hazard, go through a progression of reenactments to set up your children.

  1. Extend motivating forces

Set objectives for your youngsters to get them involved. In case they effectively reach the objective, extend them a recompense.

  1. Assign a territory as workplace

You unquestionably would prefer not to totally detach yourself from the kids. Scan for a sufficiently bright territory, ideally, an extra area with an entryway, which will empower you to compose your documents, remain focused, and limit intrusions.

  1. Give them a rest

Free yourself of any interior blame and enjoy a reprieve! Take the kids on a bicycle ride, have a wellness rivalry, view a motion picture, heat treats, go out for a stroll, a swing set from starwalkkids or basically play what they like. Despite the movement you pick, they will be thankful and avoid your direction when you resume work.…