3Easy Ways To Build A DIY Kitchen Island

How to build a DIY kitchen island is answered here.

The kitchen island can be built using a simple frame.

The material frame

Cut the size of the cabinet. Choose the type of material and the look of material that you will prefer for the kitchen island. You may have to trim down the size of the cabinets and thus make sure that you adjust it for the height. However, before you do any cut make sure to inspect the cabinet well and look for nails, staples or screws and get them removed before you begin the cutting.

Adding the beadboard

The beadboard panels are important because these add a texture to the side of the cabinet that is unfinished. It should fill up any extra space and it is also important that the beadboard line up on both the sides evenly. You will have to use nails after this to fix the shim to the cabinet. The beadboard will then be ripped to make it the size of the table saw. The beadboard should be nailed to the cabinet so that it will line up perfectly with the front edges of the wall cabinets.

Oak wrap and toe kick

This is important so that the cabinets are fastened together well. You could use wood glue because it helps to make a strong bond that is lasting. Glue the nail blocks and the nails into place and then use a cut oak wrap that goes over the toe kick. After this, all that you need to do is to add the feet and the mounting and then drill the hardware. The last step is to place the countertop.

Just use these three steps to set your kitchen island yourself. Make sure that you cut the pieces well so that it offers a great fit. Also, take care to smoothen out any sharp edges so that the finish is fine.