The Best Indoor Activities for Kids: Easy Crafts + Games

When you have kids, no amount of toys or entertainment seems to be enough. You may think you have a list of activities lined up for the day to cover you and tire them out, but you will soon realize they just have way too much more energy left to get even close to the “tired” feeling.

You cannot keep them outside at times. They need to be indoors at least for a few hours on a daily basis and when the weather is bad, they and you are all stuck indoors. So, what do you do when this happens? Read on without worry as we got you covered:

  • Toys

Get them educative toys like puzzles and activities that involve hand-eye coordination, use of sensory nerves, etc. This will not only be interesting but will also keep those young minds alert and sharpen it in the process.

  • Craft

You can get them to do some craft work at home. again something for their hand and eye coordination and to feed their creativity. While there are many DIY tutorials you can find online and do it for a fraction of the cost these things are sold in the market for, DIY is not for all. When you already have enough to do, this is not something you need to take up.

Just go on to and you will be surprised by the variety of things you can buy for your kids and keep yourself free.

  • Pretend Play

This is another great way to fuel their creativity and understand what they are picking up from their environment. If your child is into superheroes, all you need is some cloth to serve as a cape and a few things to be his or her weapons. If your child is into dolls, you can make castles out of cardboard boxes or let them have pretended tea parties.…

A Complete Stay-At-Home Mom’s Survival Guide

The job of a mom is never easy. When you have more than one child or have no other help around, it makes it even more challenging to keep the children occupied all day long at home.

Your Survival Guide

If you are a complete stay at home mom, there are many times when you would feel like everything is slipping out of control and you are even losing your mind. Here are a few tips to help you hold it all together:


Though it is difficult to follow a strict schedule with a toddler or a few kids at home, make a schedule for all your house chores. Split up the work between different days. It is ok if everything is not done every single day. Have a day for laundry, a day for dusting or deep cleaning the house (if needed) a day to sort out all the toys, etc. this way you won’t have to do everything every day.


Invest in the right toys rather than buying everything the child wants or the market says is the trend. Buy them interesting and educative toys as this is what develops their brain and other senses in an interactive manner. If you are stuck for options, you can always check out doodlebuckets and get a few great ideas and toys themselves.

Me Time

Ensure you get some me time every single day! Yes, you read that right, every single day. If you need to function every day, you need to take care of yourself every day. This can be as simple as 10 minutes in the morning to have that cup of coffee without any disturbance in the morning or a few minutes to read or use your phone before going to bed at night. If you can get some time away during the day, nothing like it. This me time will help you become calmer and restore the mental peace which is much required for a stay at home mom.…