1350 Calorie Diet Menu And Plan

If you are planning to lose weight, a 1350 calorie diet plan can do the trick for you. The 1350 calorie diet plan does not fall under the category of starvation diet plan but it is a low calorie diet plan that allows a decent intake. There are even low calorie diet plans that allow you eat only 800 calories per day. However, normal women should take from 1600 to 2400 calories daily depending on their level of physical activity and age. As per the National Institute of Medicine, men have to consume from 2200 calories to 3000 calories per day. It is recommended that you check with your doctor before embarking on a low calorie diet plan. Go through the article at alabama reading that compares different diet programs in the market.

There are number of freedieting websites that will help you with starting on a 1350 calorie diet plan. A 1350 calorie diet menu for the day one can include:

Breakfast: two scrambled eggs, a small toast, turkey bacon

Lunch: an apple, 12 oz diet soft drink, a small turkey sandwich with tomato and lettuce

Afternoon snack: a cup of diced carrots

Dinner: brown rice, white fish, mixed vegetables

Night-time snack: yoghurt with granola

Acclaimed nutritionists say that a 1350 calorie diet plan which can be extended up to 1500 per day can help lose women effectively. They suggest that the foods can be divided into 90 calorie portion and consumed at different times of the day. For example, your breakfast can include a delicious smoothie made out of blending a banana, berries, skim milk and low fat yoghurt. Otherwise, you can have a slice of whole wheat toast, an egg, veggies and a cup of fruit for the dinner. You can mix and plan your 90 calorie portions so that you have a wide choice of menu. You can also indulge in a treat weekly once.…