Top 5 Ways To Make Your Home A Spiritual Haven

Home is where the heart lives are always the very favorite quotes to most of us. I love my home because it is the place where we are totally in peace and can be ourselves to the maximum. The atmosphere of our home adds a lot to our emotions and feelings which play a lead role in our happy life. This means the way we maintain our home can be the best way to make it a spiritual haven. Read the articles on our blog Exit-5 to find out how you can modify your home according to your taste.

The best ways to keep the home as heaven are :

  1. Set up a prayer room: whatever may be your belief in spirituality, set up one place in your house for adorning the deity or whatever form of spiritual worship you do. This will create an idea of spiritual obedience and foster positive vibrations in your home.
  2. Put lots of plants: invest in some good pots and plants around your these can be literally companions who will keep your mind fresh always. Water them regularly and maintain them well.
  3. Look out for decorative items: keep wall paintings and also items that add on to the beauty of your home. These play a vital role to create positive vibrations. You can look at feng shui from Chinese tradition or vasthu from Hindu culture for bringing in pieces of art and also small pieces that can contribute to happiness.
  4. Light a lamp or candle: dating back to the Hindu culture lighting a lamp will foster peace, prosperity and also a spiritual presence in your home. This tradition is very old and has the best effects in positivity creation.
  5. Burn incense sticks: this also a good way to bring good feeling in the home because a pleasant smell can instill goodness and prosperity always.