The Best Cosy Living Room Design Ideas

The living room of your house is one of the first places anyone who walks in will see. It is also spending more time apart from your bedroom, especially when you are entertaining guests. Being that the case, this room has to look cozy.

Here are a few ideas for the same:


Get nice cozy sleep chairs to sit in comfortably and sip your morning coffee or evening drink in. this will be very inviting even to your friends and family when they enter the house. There are a number of varieties available in the market today for you to choose from. However, be sure to read a few reviews before you go ahead and buy them. If you want the perfect sleep chair, you can always browse for perfect sleep chair reviews and get a first-hand idea about various models.


Get a cozy couch that is neither too soft nor too hard. It should be comfortable to sit in but not too soft that one will find it hard to get out of. At the same time, it should not be so hard that your guests start shifting after sitting in it for a few minutes.


Use warm lighting in the room to make it feel more inviting and cozy. White and bright lights can be used for reading purposes and warm lighting can be used to set the mood. One can even get an interior to design mood lightings around the house to make the room look rich and sophisticated.


Display old photos and make them a conversation piece. Choose ornate frames and good lighting that will highlight the photos but not take all the attention or hurt your eyes when you peer into the frames.


Choose curtains of sober colors that will compliment the room and not clash with the furniture or other fabrics used in the room.