This is why your Place is Messy: 7 Common Clutter Causes

Did you know clutter can cause anxiety and in severe cases lead to depression? Why is that some households and works spaces are so well organized while others are in a constant state of mess. Here are 7 common causes for clutter accumulation. Find yours and utilize the services of Frankfort Dumpsters to get rid of the clutter that is in your home.

  1. Shopping is a culprit: Thanks to the plastic card and internet shopping, many people have gotten into the habit of spending just for the heck of it. People always end up buying stuff especially because it is on bargain irrespective of the fact that they may not use it or need it.
  2. Aspirational clutter: Buying goods to pursue a new sport that you never do or books you don’t read.
  3. Laziness: Not putting things back in their place once they are used. As more and more things accumulate you end up looking at a clutter that is demotivating and messy.
  4. Emotional angle: We live in a transient world where there is nothing permanent and yet people hang on to old tattered stuff for emotional reasons. While it makes sense to keep family heirlooms and photos what is the point of keeping a broken keychain or a tattered stuffed toy which no one even looks at just because you bought it on your first trip abroad?
  5. “Can be used another day”: Another set of items belong to this group where you assume you will need them in the future. But often times you will not use them or they disintegrate or lose their value but they still retain their place in your house.
  6. Junk Mail: Be it your letterbox or your inbox every day there are scores of junk mails that reach you. They must not add to the already existing clutter.
  7. Newspaper and magazine clutter: Once read dispose of them they have no more use or space in your household.