How to Create a Picture Wall: a Step by Step Guide

We all love to have one cozy corner in our house where you can sit relax and unwind yourself from the stress of everyday life. Sometimes we just want to give the bland open wall a new colorful look, or we want to hang in some lovely pictures of our friends and family that bring a smile on your face after a chaotic long day. Creating a picture wall is one of the cutest little things you can do to add a lovely personal touch to your house. Check out these simple steps to set up your masterpiece.

1) Choose the place: Picture wall will need enough space to put up a few pictures along with some wall hangings, so choose an appropriate place where you can put up these pictures.

2) Choose a style: There are multiple ways you can create your picture wall, by putting them on a thread, pasting them in patterns or using photo frames. Check the various ways and choose the one that suits you.

3) Choose the photos: We click so many photos every now and then that it can be very difficult to choose the pictures for your photo wall. But there are always some hot favorites that are close to our heart. Maybe because of the people those are in the pictures, the place or sometimes just the reason for the picture. Choose pictures that will make you smile, melt your heart and brighten your dull days, pictures that can remind you of how beautiful life is.

4) Finally set it up: Once the place, style and pictures are decided, set up your masterpiece. You can change the pictures and patterns every now and then to give it a fresh look. You can also add some accessories, wall hangings or alphabets to make it look stylish.

5) Share it: Once everything is set, share your awesome creation with your friends and family. You can also share it on social media and choose zu wenig YouTube likes to get a huge fan following.