The Psychology of Space: What Does Your Home Say About You?

Everything that you do, own or display has something to say about you as a person to the outer world. While some of it might reflect the positive aspects in you, others might just cleverly reveal the devil within you. However, it is important for you to understand this first, as it will help you understand who you are better.

Saying so, did you know that the home you stay in too has something to share about you? If not, then read on to know what two things from your home or the space that you dwell for the maximum number of hours have to reveal about you.

First, you’re Furniture – When it comes to choosing your furniture, people either buy those simple sleek finished lightweight furnishings that can be easily moved or rearranged or they opt for the heavyweight furniture that is either custom made or hunted down from a store that is located miles away.

What does this tell about you?

  • The former could reveal that the person is prone to relocate often, does not like staying in one place too long, or that he/she is a very organized and a balanced personality.
  • On the other hand, the latter reveals that the person is bound to stay and that he/she has no plans of moving anytime in the near future. Further, it also reveals their creative side and shows us their love for details.

Second, your Display Items – Here again, we often witness homes with bare walls and few decor items and also homes that are filled with paintings, photos, artwork, wall hangings, bags at luxtime and home decor items.

What does this tell about you?

  • A house with the former ambiance could mean that the person may be suffering from OCD or that he/she likes clean, neat, and spacious homes.
  • However, a house that dons the latter looks could reveal that the person loves to show every little detail of his/her life to the world and that he/she cherishes every moment and wishes to share it rather than keeping it too personal. It could also reveal the artistic nature of the person or his/her love for specific things.