Top Reasons Why Every Home Needs Ceiling Fans

Human life on earth is impossible without an Air Conditioner. With our actions and due necessity, the human race has searched and paved their own means and ways to escape from the World Wide spread of high temperatures, which is crippling the Globe. Although we as humans can’t control the natural effects of our actions and the earth reaction to it, what we can do is try to control and reduce the damage that is being caused to mother Earth in an effort to lead a comfortable life.

Our lifestyle has been designed and fashioned with our income. The higher the income, the huge damage we do to mother nature earth as well as prepare oneself for the worse, in case it is in near future. What measures can one take to eradicate this kind of adversity, here are a few suggestions:

  1. We can try to reduce the usage of Ac’s in our home and get it installed only in rooms where we sleep like many luxury homes have centralized Ac installed at homes, which is harmful to health too.
  2. We can at least try to time the usage of AC and use only during our sleep time. One can use Ac for two hours and let the cool breeze be circulated with the help of a fan for the next two hours, which would help in the reduction of electricity usage.
  3. Don’t install Ac in Kitchen, instead use fans in living room and kitchen for fresh air to be circulated. We have a wide variety of ceiling fans in Singapore to choose from, which would make our home as fancy full as any Villa could be.
  4. Exposure to only Ac also leads to various contagious diseases to remain at home. So, it is always advisable to install fan instead of just Ac at home, to have that happy, healthy and wealthy family.