What to Do When Your Sick at Home

Falling ill or staying home sick can be a very depressing thought. When you are sick and forced to stay back home to recoup, one may want to do a number of things without sitting down.  All of us have been in that situation. However, one need not sit idle and waste their time when they are home due to some sickness; this is what I do when I’m bored:

  • Read – Reading a variety of books can keep you occupied and actually make you want more time. If the book is right, the time will never be enough for a voracious reader. One can read fiction or non-fiction and actually learn something in the process. Also, since you will not be required to move around, you are getting the rest you ought to take due to the sickness.
  • Craft – Art and craft can anyone occupied for a long time. Be it an adult or a child, there is always something creative to be done. Check out the number f DIY tutorials online and do something creative that can be showcased in the house. This way you are both doing something interesting, as well as adding some décor to the house at almost no cost.
  • Cook – When we are sick, we crave for our favorite foods. While many times this cannot be possible as one cannot really stand and cook for a long time when it is possible to try cooking yourself a good wholesome meal. Make yourself your favorite soup and relish it sitting on your balcony or stairs. You get good home cooked food as well as some fresh air.
  • Nail Art – Take painting your nails to the next level. While nail art studios are doing extremely well in the market due to the demand, learn to do some nail art on your own. Try them out and if you feel you can do a good job, you can do it for your friends too. Again, this does not require you to move around or do something physically exhausting when you are sick.