Effective Use of Graphics on Exterior Signs

Have you ever noticed how well a promotional signage can catch people’s attention? Whether it’s on the highway, in a store, at an outdoor event or as a free-standing billboard, your promotional signage is sure to get everyone’s attention. It might be a good idea to think about the impact that well-placed signage can have on your company. That’s why one of our most important focuses as a company is on promotional signage.

Promotional signage has been utilized for decades to help build brand awareness. It’s no surprise that companies are turning more to vehicle wraps to help create that impactful advertisement. Companies large and small are using vehicle wraps to promote themselves, build awareness or just make a statement about their product or service. Some of the most prominent examples of using vehicle wraps have been the major league baseball teams with their logos, landscaping services such as H&R Block with their popular green and red colors, and many other professional and corporate companies. While there are a variety of ways to use vehicle wraps, one of the most effective ways to increase your brand awareness is through vehicle wraps that incorporate graphics and other design elements that make your message stand out.

One of the most common ways to implement a graphic onto your promotional signage is by using directional signs in your business signage. We’ve all seen those great big directional signs outside the grocery store, the movie theater and other businesses. With the use of directional signs, you can draw people’s attention to your location and gain their trust by displaying a great logo or picture.

Another way to utilize graphics and images on outdoor signs is by the use of banners. Banners are a great outdoor advertising option because they are portable and easy to display on any outdoor surface. You can purchase banners from many different sources, including online retailers. Banners can be used in conjunction with custom graphics and images or on their own. Banners are an excellent way to announce new products, launch new services, and attract new customers. If you already have outdoor signs in place, it’s time to update them with new graphics and images that will attract more customers.

Another great way to add graphics to your current signage is to use vinyl floor graphics. Vinyl floor graphics are very durable, very bright and easily washable. Floor graphics are the perfect way to give your current signage space a face lift without changing the sign itself. By adding colorful vinyl decals to your current signage you can add some modern flair to the space without completely changing the sign itself. Floor graphics also make great environmentally friendly advertising options.

The key to effective use of graphic and text style graphics on your current signs lies in creating a balance between the two main factors that drive your advertising goals: the message and the design. When you create a balance, you create a signage system that will meet your goals. The key to designing an effective signage system starts with understanding what your goals are, how those goals change depending upon the season, the type of environment your customers live in and the demographic makeup of your area. Once you understand those factors, you can create a signage system that effectively drives your advertising goals and provides your customers with a great experience.